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At the top of my Disney bucket list is most definitely to visit all six of the Disney parks around the world – Disneyland Tokyo being at the tippy top of my list! One thing that is so exciting about visiting (or just the thought of doing so) the parks outside of your ‘home’ park, is the ability to experience Disney in a way you have never known before. From new and exciting snacks and beverages to brand new to you parades and fireworks shows, stunning castles and of course, attractions you have never experienced before, or perhaps familiar attractions you just can’t wait to experience in new and exciting ways. While there are so many attractions in the remaining five parks I have never had a version of in any way shape or form, I look forward to some of the iconic rides that Imagineers deemed precious enough to place all around the Disney-verse. Hop in your Doom buggy, cruise ship and elephant for a trip around the world to discover some iconic Disney attractions that can be found throughout (almost) all of the Disney parks!


The Haunted Mansion (or some version of it)

I’d be remiss not to mention the Haunted Mansion first! What makes this so unique is that while some of the other attractions on this list are slightly different between the parks, the various Disney parks version of the mansion varies greatly around the world! While my heart belongs to Walt Disney World’s New England style  Haunted Mansion, I can’t wait until the day I get the chance to experience all of the other mansions Disney has to offer. In Disneyland in Anaheim California, the southern style mansion fits in perfectly in the New Orleans square, and they even have the holiday overlay from October until January (so jealous!). In Hong Kong the Mystic Manor takes a fairytale twist on this Disney favorite, and is probably less like any Haunted Mansion that we are familiar with. But the Haunted Mansion I am most excited to visit is the one in Paris France where we get a more in depth look at the story behind Constance, the black widow bride – creepy coolness!


Peter Pan’s Flight

You may notice a theme on this list on attractions- most of them can be found in either Fantasyland or the castle-related parks! Peter Pan is iconic Disney so it only makes sense that it would be found at every Disney park. This one is a classic in every sense of the word as Walt Disney’s Peter Pan was released in 1953 and since then, there have been over a dozen films starring the eternal child with favorites such as 1991s Hook being among the most popular adaptations. Across the board, this beloved attraction has long wait times and is the pinnacle of every Fantasyland around the world from Shanghai to Orlando!


“it’s a small world” 

Like The Haunted Mansion, this beloved attraction was not based on a Disney film, it hatched straight from the magnificent brian of Uncle Walt! Even more like our mansion as well, it’s a small world has so much to offer in terms of a different experience with each Disney park you visit. Of course there have been changes over the years to this iconic ride, and in some parks, the outside is just as elaborate as the experience of the attraction itself. While I absolutely love my Disney World version of small world, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and Anaheim have a stunning entrance showcasing a peek into the magic that can be found once you board the happiest cruise that ever sailed! Not to mention those gorgeous holiday overlays that tell a festive story of their own. 


Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Another classic Disney film and attraction that is just too special not to share with the entire Disney-verse. The attraction itself may appear to be a simple flight on everyone’s favorite flying elephant, Dumbo (who is actually named baby Jumbo, Dumbo is simply a cruel nickname in reference to his larger than usual ears) but the elaborate queue and childlike excitement of the experience itself throughout all of the Disney parks helps make Dumbo the Flying Elephant a magical experience for all ages. In Tokyo Disneyland, there is even a tiny, exact replica of Walt Disney World’s Dumbo attraction that is an adorable feast for the eyes for any detail oriented Disney lover. 


With the Disney parks around the world slowly beginning their phased reopenings, it’s hard not to begin planning trips to each and every one as soon as possible. It’s as though we want our happy place(s) to know we will never take it for granted again! By now we have all seen memes on Instagram of Chris Pratt with the same expression side by side with the text ‘first Disney trip’ and ‘387th Disney trip” and most of us can absolutely relate. Disney must feel the same way with these iconic attractions that they have placed all around the world-you can never have too much of a good, nostalgic thing! For those of you who have had the opportunity to experience multiple parks outside of Orlando, I hope you found just as much joy in The Haunted Mansion and it’s a small world in The Magic Kingdom as you do from Anaheim to Tokyo to Paris! Repetition doesn’t take away the specialness of what we know and love about Disney, continuing to experience the seemingly ‘same’ attractions in new and different ways and new and different places is at the very heart of Disney and all those who strive to make it the magical place it always will be. 


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