Who Streamed Roger Rabbit and Other Obscure Titles That Didn’t Make it to the Disney+ Home Screen

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Disney Entertainment, Disney News

Who has two thumbs and hasn’t left their couch since November 12th? This girl right here! Disney+ has literally broken the internet with over ten million subscribers in less than a week – your social media may have even been flooded with pics of smart TVs across the nation donning the fun loving Wreck-it Ralph apologizing for the connection interruption. And with so much wonderful content to browse, it’s no surprise! True to Disney fashion, the kinks were worked out in a matter of hours, and for the most part, I haven’t experienced any issues streaming. 

While there are so many delightful and imaginative Disney+ originals, National Geographic specials, and most of the new Marvel and Star Wars films, it’s hard to justify tuning into any other streaming network. Don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the aforementioned new stuff on Disney+; but let’s get real, I’m a kid of the 90s and I am here for all the nostalgia of my childhood and all the feels. I might have stuck around for The Mandalorian and the Imagineering Story, but I subscribed for The Lion King and Camp Nowhere! 

When it comes to guilty pleasure binge watching, here are a few of my favorite blasts from the past, 90s kid edition!


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

If it’s in the title, it has to be the first mention, right? Oddly enough, I remember being a little frightened of this movie as a kiddo. More of a mixture of fear and fascination, but you catch my drift. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was pretty unique for it’s time.  In 1988, there weren’t too many films of this genre that married live action with animation. And when you think about it, there still aren’t! Just One of the many things that makes this iconic film so unique. Every time I watch this gem of a film, I will never not think of sitting criss cross applesauce in my parents living room, way too close to the TV, mesmerized by the combination of gorgeous colors and zany action!



So here’s the thing about movies of a certain era – they are just that, of their time. While a film about shipping off your overweight children to a mentally abusive fat camp probably wouldn’t fly today…it totally worked in 1995. Complete with lovable, misunderstood characters and the perfect ‘villain’ in the form of an over zealous motivational speaker (Ben Stiller) Heavyweights is 90s gold. Be sure to grab your snacks (and tissues!) before streaming this lighthearted work of cinematic genius!


The Incredible Journey

Before there was Homeward Bound, (thirty years, to be exact!) there was the film it was based on – The Incredible Journey. While Homeward Bound is not available just yet on Disney+, The Incredible Journey is, and proves to be just as heartwarming and moving as it’s successor. What makes this film so special is its ability to confront both stages of life – the spryness of youth and the doddrieness of aging. Not to mention the peek into the pure hearts of our canine and feline friends and their undying loyalty to their people. However, I would advise against watching this film before going on holiday and boarding your furry loved one!



While definitely one of the darker children’s shows of it’s time, Gargoyles, Friday evenings and popcorn (or your afternoon snack of choice)  went together like Peanut Butter and Jelly in the mid 90s! I have vivid memories of my mother threatening to turn the television off for abandoning my meal for the adventures of Goliath, Lexington and Broadway! Like most television and literature that is ahead of its time, Gargoyles only lasted three seasons. I even went to school with some children whose parents forbade them from watching the show! To say that Gargoyles is sinister in this day and age is almost comical in relation to its descendants, but proves to be just as entertaining in my thirties as it was as a tiny tot. 


Honorable Mentions: The Little Mermaid, Camp Nowhere and Even Stevens (something for every baby boomer, Gen X, and millennial Disney lover)! 


From the parks to the cruise line, to movies and TV shows, Disney always has and always will pull us in with the nostalgia of our childhood, whatever era that might be. Considering my childhood happened to take place during one of the biggest Disney film and television renaissance to date, the new streaming network has a plethora of content for everyone to choose from! 

Tiny Britta, circa mid-90s:

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