Five Disney Moments I Will Never Get Tired Of

by | Jun 23, 2019 | Disney Parks and Resorts, Lists and Trivia

A day at Walt Disney World is a day filled with surprises, wonderment, “wow” moments, and memories that will stay with you the rest of your life. We all have our favorite moments….whether they be thrilling moments, surprising moments, moments of astonishment, or emotional moments. And listing them would take, well, a lifetime! But there are a number of Disney Moments that I will never get tired of seeing…and not only are they “must-do”s on every trip, they’re the memories I look back fondly on when reminiscing about visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth. As usual, this was a tough list to pin down to only five items, and I would love to hear about YOUR favorite Disney moments that you can watch again and again and again and again and…*ahem*, here we go! (Fair warning, these are going to be “a bit off the beaten path,” hopefully I can share with you a memory that will make you think about it in a whole new way!)

The Burning of Rome

Admittedly, this first one may strike you as a bit odd. Spaceship Earth is filled with jaw-dropping moments, not least of which is the reveal of our little blue marble of a home adrift in a sea of stars as we reach the apex of our journey through time. But no, my most memorable moment is one that’s almost an afterthought…the small scene of Rome burning. Not Rome itself (oh how I miss the chariots riding off into the distance), but the scene right after. Where Rome lies in ruins, fires burning out of control. What is it about this scene that makes it stand out to me? There’s no question, it’s the aroma. That burning wood smell that fills the air as Dame Judi Dench tells us a woeful tale about the seeming loss of the world’s knowledge (happily resolved in the next scene). The sense of smell is our most powerful sense in terms of triggering memories, and (unlike some other less savory odors like those found over in Journey Into Imagination – thanks Figment!), this one is…somehow comforting. Not to take anything away from the tragedy that the scene depicts; but it does bring to mind campfires and logs roasting on an open fire. And oddly enough, of the Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge (one of our favorite places to eat). Yes, it’s that barbecue aroma that makes this scene stand out to me, and it’s one of those moments when can I close my eyes, breathe it all in (literally), and say to myself, “Yes, I’m in Disney now.”

Cinderella Castle Dream Lights

Christmas is an extra magical time to be at Walt Disney World, and at the Magic Kingdom in particular. There are so many sights to behold; the wreaths and garlands hanging on the lampposts and windows of Main Street U.S.A., the glorious Christmas Tree in Town Square, and of course Santa himself riding atop his sleigh down Main Street. But nothing can match the splendor of the Castle Dream Lights. I still remember when I saw them for the first time…it was like nothing I had seen before. And nothing I could ever have imagined. The sight of Cinderella Castle transformed into a glittering ice palace that would make Elsa proud never fails to bring a tear to me eye, even though I’ve seen it hundreds of time. To me, this is the best example of how the layout of the Magic Kingdom’s entrance is true genius. Even though you can see the Castle from outside the park as you approach via monorail or boat, there’s nothing like the grand reveal as you make your way underneath the Walt Disney Railroad station and make that turn down Main Street to take your breath away. I’ll even make a special point of sticking to the sidewalk by Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and winding my way around the Confectionery just so I can see that startling reveal one more time. It never fails to fill me heart with Christmas spirit. (And we haven’t even talked about the Lighting Ceremony…!)

Epcot’s Floor Show

This is one of those unmarked, unmentioned, not-on-any-guide-map Disney touches that makes this place so special. Even when you’re not expecting it, you’ll find Disney magic at the most unlikeliest of places. As you wander about Future World after the sun sets, you’ll find a spellbinding effect that the Imagineer’s added that is truly magical. I’m referring of course to the fiber optic designs embedded into the paving tiles on either side of the courtyard. Putting on various shows of shimmering swirling colors, these mesmerizing patterns are beautiful to look at (almost hypnotic!), and make for a wonderful surprise at the end of the day. It’s easy to walk right past them, but next time you’re there, take a moment to really study them. The effect is a simple one, yet it’s truly stunning, and no matter how many times I see it I’m always entranced. It’s almost as much fun to watch the expressions on other Guest’s faces as they notice them, many for the first time. It’s also fun to watch the tiles at twilight. As the sky darkens, you can slowly start to see the lights come to life as they become visible in the darkening evening…much like seeing that first star come out as the the sky turns a darker shade of purple. It’s a colorful, magical light show that is easy to walk past, but difficult to look away from!

The Disney Resorts: Welcome Home!

I’m going to cheat a little with this one…:)

I was trying to think of a particular resort to talk about, and the truth is it’s difficult, if not impossible, to single out one above the rest in terms of the sheer “wow” feeling you get when you walk into the lobby. Nearly every Disney resort boast a magnificent lobby, and they are all stunning and jaw-dropping in their own right. From the exotic safari-like theming of the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the dazzling, glittering chandelier at the Dolphin; to the Victorian elegance of the Grand Floridian lobby’s stained-glass rotundas and the nautical stylings of the Yacht and Beach Clubs…every resort is filled with grand architectural statements and the smallest of well-researched details. But my favorite has to be the Wilderness Lodge. I still remember the first time I walked into the grand rustic lobby, and even today, the towering totem poles, timber frame logs, and rawhide chandeliers never fails to impress. Add in thousands of twinkling lights at Christmas and it’s a true Disney Northwestern experience you’ll never forget.

Ariel Reaches Out

OK, anyone who knows me figured this one would definitely be on the list, and here it is. (This moment has made many a list of mine in the past, so apologies to anyone who’s read about this before. On second thought, I’m not apologizing…this is one of my favorite Disney moments and I’m proud of it!) I’m talking about Mickey’s PhilharMagic of course, and that moment when Ariel reaches out into the audience (actually, I know she’s talking directly to me, but that’s our secret), imploring “I want more…” And there go my waterworks. Actually, there are a few other moments in PhilharMagic that could make this list. Like the moment where Aladdin and Jasmine soar above the clouds, and you can hear a gentle “whoosh” and feel a soft breeze as you soar into the evening sky (I was going to say “a whole new world” but that would have been cheesy). There’s also the moment when Lumiere reappears, larger than life (and I mean, HUGE!), which always blows my mind. And of course there’s the sight of pixie dust trailing through the sky as Tinker Bell beckons you to follow her. All in all, a show I will never tire of seeing.

Those are just a few of my Favorite Disney Moments that I will never tire of seeing. Do you have any you’d like to share? Leave them with us in the comments below, and perhaps will all discover something new and magical!

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