Disney Dreams That Soar Debuts at Disney Springs

The tradition of nighttime fireworks displays goes back to the earliest days of Walt Disney World (and Disneyland too!). There’s just something extra magical about ending that perfect day in the parks with a breathtaking display of fireworks and music…especially with Cinderella Castle as the centerpiece. Every few years we’ve been introduced to a new technology that makes these shows even MORE spectacular, even if we were sure there was “no way they can top this.” EPCOT’s Le Carnaval de Lumière (which debuted in October 1983) brought with it the technology of water projection screens. The next year, Laserphonic Fantasy introduced (appropriately enough) lasers to the show, and of course IllumiNations brought it all together to create a new kind of show, the likes of which had never been seen before.

More recently, projection technology has been introduced to many of the nighttime shows throughout the parks. Now we can see Cinderella Castle, the Chinese Theater of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the Tree of Life of Disney’s Animal Kingdom come to life in beautiful ways…ways that we never thought were possible. The Beacons of Magic light display on Spaceship Earth continues to enchant us each evening, and new shows are continually being offered up, themed after Guest favorites such as the Muppets and Journey Into Imagination (with a healthy dose of Figment and Dreamfinder for good measure!).

And now, in 2024, Imagineers have introduced a new technology to those evening spectaculars that we love so much, and this just be the biggest breakthrough of them all. (Of course, we this every time!). On May 24, the skies above Disney Springs played host to the all-new show, “Disney Dreams That Soar.” Presented by AT&T, the limited-time show (as of this writing it is scheduled to run through September 2) utilizes 800 drones that bring 30 of your favorite Disney characters and films to life. The show features an original soundtrack and memorable quotes from your favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars movies. The shapes and figures formed by the drones can soar up to 400 feet in height. The Death Star alone is a breathtaking 213 feet! Baymax is nearly twice the height of Spaceship Earth! But it’s not all about super-sized spaceships. You’ll also see Tinker Bell make an appearance, spreading pixie dust in our her own mischievous way. And these aren’t static images. The figures traced out in the night sky by the drones can inflate, transform, and disappear right in front of your eyes.

“We put a lot of thought into making sure that no matter how old you are, or how much of a fan you are, you’re likely to see a character that you love,” said Disney Live Entertainment Executive Creative Director Tom Vazzana. “This is an elaborate, one-of-a-kind show of scale and technology where guests will be wowed by the emotion of seeing these treasured stories appear in the sky, at sizes larger than beloved icons like Spaceship Earth and Cinderella Castle.”

The show lights up the sky above Disney Springs for just under 10 minutes nightly, and if you have MagicBand+, you can also interact with “Disney Dreams That Soar,” as your MagicBand will light up, vibrate and sync with the spectacle taking place in the skies above you.

Disney Springs Vice President Matt Simon commented “Creativity and innovation are part of everything we do at Disney Springs, from the incredible places to dine to the mix of shopping options. This is what makes ‘Disney Dreams That Soar’ a great fit for Disney Springs, and the perfect ending to remember your day.”

The Disney Live Entertainment team recently shared some photos from the first set of creative rehearsals for the show. “We are presenting Disney characters who have had a dream of flying. Not just the idea that they can fly, but the idea of taking their lives to the next level.” said Show Director, Tony Giordano. “We put a lot of thought in making sure that no matter how old you are, or how much of a fan you are, you’re going to see a character that you love.”

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