8 of Our Favorite Disney Decor Pieces

by | Aug 26, 2023 | Disney Shopping

As much as it hurts to admit, you can’t be at Walt Disney World every single day. At least, not until you figure out a way to hide from cast members at closing time to stay in the parks forever. 

Luckily, it’s more than possible to bring the spirit and magic of Disney home with you. In the upcoming episode of the Celebrations Magazine podcast, we all pretended to be HGTV experts and talked about how we would make over different Disney attractions and resorts. We also speculated about how we would Disney theme our own homes. With that in mind, we thought we’d share a few of the incredible Disney themed home decor items out there for folks looking to Imagineer their own living space.

As a quick caveat, we’re aware that there is a lot of “unofficial” Disney merchandise out there (including a lot of home decor). However, we’ll only be highlighting official, licensed Disney merch in this piece.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Light-Up Wreath – 30th Anniversary

Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

Is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie? Either way, this incredible light-up wreath has you covered. Not only do its eyes glow, but the eyes move around for that extra bit of magic and menace. Although, unlike the wreath in the movie, this one doesn’t bite. Whether that’s good or bad is highly subjective.

The item is available through the official Shop Disney store and runs $59.99.


Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts Side Steppers – 3 Pack

Hitchhiking Ghosts

While we’re on the subject of spooky, we’d be remiss not to mention some Haunted Mansion decor. After all, the Haunted Mansion movie debuted in theaters this past July and we are rapidly approaching Halloween. 

Gus, Phineas, and Ezra, better known as the Hitchhiking Ghosts, are three of the most popular characters in the Haunted Mansion. As any fan will know, they’re constantly trying to catch a ride on your Doom Buggy and follow you home. Now, you can invite them in with this three pack of side steppers available through Spirit Halloween. 

The animated trio is available for $99.99.


Mickey Mouse Hi and Welcome Coir Door Mat

Mickey Mouse Welcome Mat

Okay. For the sake of argument, let’s say that you’re more interested in welcoming people into your home instead of frightening them with your very own collection of grim, grinning ghosts. In that case, may we humbly suggest this adorable set of door mats featuring the two most beloved rodents in the world. 

The coir door mats in this 2-pack are each 20 in. x 34 in. and are clearly the most adorable way to let people know that your home is welcoming. They’re available at Home Depot and the pack costs $31.16.


Mickey Mouse Classic Movie Area Rug

Building a Building

Let’s stick with the Mouse for a little bit. After all, a wise man once said, ““I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.” While Disney has changed quite a bit over its century of existence, the centrality of Mickey Mouse has remained a constant.

You can celebrate the legacy of Mickey Mouse with this 54” x 78” area rug featuring the movie poster for the 1933 animated short “Building a Building.” Although, if you want to know a little insider secret, the short was actually just a remake of the 1928 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short “Sky Scrappers.” 

The rug is available through Target and runs $34.49 when purchased online. 


Horizons Matted Print

Horizons Print

Almost a quarter century after its closure, Epcot’s epic dark ride Horizons remains one of the most beloved attractions in Walt Disney World history. Fans still speak wistfully of this “unofficial sequel” to Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, and dream of the possibility of it returning to the parks.

While that doesn’t appear to be on the horizon (see what I did there?), you can still celebrate the attraction with this stunning matted print from the Shop Disney store. The matted size if 14” x 18” and the piece is $39.99. 


Sketchbook Tray & Lotion Dispenser

Mickey Tray

It should be mentioned up front that each of the items in this collection is sold separately, but you’ll probably want to pick up the entire set. I mean, just look at them. These black and white bathroom items are all adorned with sketches of Mickey Mouse that look as though they were pulled directly from a Disney artist’s sketchbook.

Mickey Lotion

Currently you can pick up the tray and the lotion dispenser through T.J. Maxx. The tray is $12.99, while the lotion dispenser costs $9.99. 


Disney Princess Home Collection 11 Ounce Scented Tea Tin Candle – Mulan

Mulan candle

Look, call us basic if you want, but nothing brings a sense of cozy to a room like a nice, scented candle. Over on WalMart’s webpage, you can find a whole variety of candles in the Disney Princess Home collection, including this magnolia blossom, Mulan themed candle.

Other candles in the collection include a water lily scented candle inspired by Tiana, a lotus flower scented candle themed to Princess Jasmine, and a crystal gardenia scented Cinderella candle.

The Moana candle is currently listed at $22 with a standard price of $25.99.  


The Nightmare Before Christmas Mug with Spoon

Nightmare Before Christmas Mug

If you thought we were done with our spooky suggestions, you are about to be SO disappointed. Because there was no way that we were going to pass up on singing the praises of this mug and spoon collection inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

One side of the mug is designed to resemble the jar of Deadly Night Shade seen in the film, while the other features Jack Skellington’s face. Within each of his eye holes you’ll also spot Jack and Sally. It’s pretty close to perfect.

Available through the Shop Disney store, this mug and spoon combo is currently $15.99, regularly $19.99. 

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