10 Character Meet and Greets You Won’t Want to Miss

From the “Sensational Six” of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto, to the Disney Princesses, there are no shortage of popular meet and greets at Walt Disney World. A magical encounter seems to wait around every corner. 

But the superstar headliners are not your only chance to meet a favorite Disney character. There are plenty of others that often have little to no wait time, and promise memorable interactions. 


DiVine (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

While she isn’t a traditional “meet-and-greet,” encountering DiVine in Disney’s Animal Kingdom remains one of the most magical experiences Guests can have at the park. Morning and early afternoon are the best times to find her. However, you’ll have to look closely to spot her, as she blends in with the plants and trees of the Oasis, where she’s known to linger. 

Adorned with leaves, ivy, and bunches of grapes, she moves silently about on a pair of stilts that make her tower above Guests. While she never utters a word, she may interact with people, occasionally swinging one of her limbs over their heads or twisting herself upside down to get a different view of them. 


Vanellope von Schweetz (Epcot)

Despite being the Princess of Sugar Rush, Vanellop von Schweetz (of Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet fame) has yet to be recognized as an official Disney Princess. Despite this gross miscarriage of justice, fans can still pay their respects to Her Highness in the Imagination Pavilion in Epcot’s World Celebration neighborhood. 

A traditional character encounter, Guests can have their picture taken and get autographs signed by Vanellope. Time your visit just right and you’ll also get to see her enter or leave the Imagination Pavilion through a tunnel known as “The Link.” 

Vanellope isn’t the only character to meet in this area. You can also see Joy from Inside Out, who meets Guests in front of a replica of Imagination Land. 


Peter Pan (Magic Kingdom)

Located near Peter Pan’s Flight in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, the Peter Pan meet and greet is an experience not to be missed. While all of the characters bring 100% to their meetings, Peter always seems to go above and beyond.

He banters and jokes with Guests before and after pictures, signs autographs, and makes a point of interacting with every member of your party. He may even ask you to deliver a message to Tinker Bell on the off chance that you see her later in the day.   


Vi Moradi (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

Encountering characters in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is unlike meeting characters elsewhere in the parks. There’s no queue or location to find them, and no specific time. You just have to keep your eyes open to see them moving around Black Spire Outpost. 

You should also know that they don’t sign autographs or pose for pictures. But they will interact with you. In the case of Vi Moradi, she may talk to you about her work in the Resistance. As a spy, she always moves about carefully, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t happy to run into Guests who are sympathetic to the cause. 


Kevin (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

For obvious reasons, Kevin can’t sign autographs. She’s a bird. That means no hands. She also doesn’t EXACTLY pose for individual pictures. But you can always snap a quick selfie with the gigantic bird if you see her meandering around.

It’s possible to see her strolling through the Asia portion of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but the most likely place to encounter Kevin is on Discovery Island near Flame Tree Barbeque. At nearly 12 feet tall, she’s pretty hard to miss!


Winnie-the-Pooh (Epcot)

For an up-close and personal meet and greet with Winnie-the-Pooh, you’ll either need to visit Pooh’s Thotful Spot in the Magic Kingdom or book a character meal at the Crystal Palace. But for an adorable and unique experience, look for the silly old bear near the Imagination Pavilion in Epcot’s World Celebration neighborhood.

You’ll find him frolicking about a field with a butterfly net or playing peek-a-boo behind a tree. Every so often he’ll approach Guests to waive at them, which makes a great photo-op. As cool as it is to meet a character in a more “traditional” sense, there’s something enchanting about seeing them “out in the wild” like this.  


Jack Sparrow (Magic Kingdom)

Jack Sparrow, of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, occupies a curious place among Disney characters. You can’t really call him a hero, but he’s not exactly a villain either. Or rather, he’s both of those things. Depending on his mood and what is most advantageous to him.

Fortunately, meeting the swashbuckling scallywag isn’t nearly as difficult as finding the Treasure of Cortés. He appears periodically throughout the day in Adventureland, meeting Guests at the Adventureland Stage (former home of Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial). But you might want to keep an eye on your wallet if you stop to chat with him. He is a pirate, after all. 


Edna Mode (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

The Edna Mode Experience is easy to miss when visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Tucked away in Pixar Place, the meet and greet is located inside a building that also features examples of some of Edna’s most famous work. 

On display are suits that she made for each member of the Parr family, as well as the suit she designed for Frozone. However, a word to the wise, if you fashion yourself a cape before meeting her, she will escort you out of the building. Take it from someone who knows. 


BB-8 (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

With the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, it can be all too easy to forget about the Star Wars Launch Bay located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Primarily a walkthrough exhibit, the Launch Bay is full of costumes, models, movie props, and concept artwork from the Star Wars films. It is also home to a few incredible character experiences. 

BB-8 Astromech On Duty is a meet and greet with the adorable and endearing droid BB-8. In addition to being a great photo-op, there’s an interpreter at the location who can tell you exactly what BB-8 is saying when he beeps and whistles. 


The Tremaine Sisters (Magic Kingdom)

Generally speaking, if you want to meet a villain at Walt Disney World, you’ll have to attend a special event like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Luckily, there’s an exception to the rule.

You can meet Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine in the Magic Kingdom near the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. The duo are so delightfully absurd that you may even find yourself starting to like them a little bit. But don’t tell them that. It would only go to their heads. 

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