Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Luca

La Luna

​1. Luca is the first full-length Pixar film directed by Enrico Casarosa. He previously directed the Pixar short La Luna (which was shown with the 2012’s Brave). Attentive viewers will notice that Luca’s character design is reminiscent of Bambino, the young boy who goes on a midnight boat trip with his father and grandfather to sweep the fallen stars off the Moon’s surface.


Luca Enrico Casarosa

2. Even though Casarosa based the character of Luca on himself, he opted not to use his own name, but rather that of Luca. Why? Well, among other reasons, he realized that his own name might be a bit too hard to pronounce in other countries around the world!


Alberto Scorfano

3. Luca’s surname is Paguro, which means ‘hermit crab’ in Italian. And in case you were wondering, Alberto’s last name, Scorfano, means ‘scorpionfish.’


Luca eyes

4. Out of all the characters in the film, Luca has the largest eyes of all the characters in the film, in comparison to his head. That’s indicative of his wide-eyed, curious nature.


Luca Sea Monster

5. Speaking of eyes, you might notice some subtle difference in Luca’s eyes depending on whether he’s in his sea monster form or human form. While they’re basically the same, down to his eye color, you’ll notice that his pupils are narrow (like a cat’s) when he’s in his sea monster form, and perfectly round when he’s in his human form.


Luca Jacob Tremblay

6. Luca is voiced by Jacob Tremblay, who was also cast to be the voice of Flounder in the upcoming live-action version of The Little Mermaid. Jacob also played Blue Winslow in The Smurfs 2, as well as Damian Wayne/Robin in the DC Universe/HBO Max series Harley Quinn.


Luca and Alberto

7. Did you notice that Luca’s fins along his back are rounded, while Alberto’s are much sharper and angular? That’s a hint that Alberto is a better swimmer than Luca is. Don’t feel too bad for Luca though, he can still out-swim any human! Biking though? That you’ll have to find out for yourself!


Luca Daniela Strijleva

8. According to production designer Daniela Strijleva, it took a year to finalize the design of Luca. “Enrico always wanted Luca to be a bit of an introvert and someone who was curious, but it took us a bit longer to figure out that Luca is a dreamer,” Daniela explained. “He has a strong imagination and a really evolved inner life. That’s when the character came to life for me.”


Luca Vespa

9. Throughout much of the film, Luca dreams of driving a Vespa around the world. That wasn’t always the case though. Early versions of the story had him longing to work as a mechanic in a Vespa factory.


Luca Apollo Scene

10. Luca takes place in the late 1960s. How do we know? In one of the in-credits scenes, Luca and Giulia can be seen watching the landing of Apollo 11, which took place on July 20, 1969.

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