You Are the Magic: A Look at the Magic Kingdom’s ‘Enchantment’

As we all know, it’s a special year for Walt Disney World. We’re celebrating 50 years of magic, 50 years of dreams made real, and 50 years of memories. As part of this celebration, Walt Disney World has seen the debut of several new blockbuster shows at the parks. Last week, we talked about Harmonious at Epcot, and the week prior we took a whimsical flight along with Disney’s KiteTails. The third spectacular to arrive takes place where the adventure began half a century ago: the Magic Kingdom. 

Over the decades, the Magic Kingdom has played host to several fireworks shows, from the original Fantasy in the Sky, which ran for 32 years, to Happily Ever After (and of course the classic Wishes). Some of the most magical moments in Walt Disney World history have taken place in the night sky above Cinderella Castle. This year, the Magic Kingdom introduced a brand new fireworks spectacular: Enchantment. 


A Few Basics


Before we dive into the nitty gritty of the show, let’s touch on a few essentials. The show takes place in the Magic Kingdom, and runs for 15 minutes. Currently, the show begins at 8 p.m. However, it’s always best to verify through the My Disney Experience app or somewhere like the front desk of a Disney resort. As an outdoor show, it’s subject to cancellations due to inclement weather. 

To get the full effect of the show, you’ll want a spot in front of the castle, either in the central hub area or on Main Street. Taking a spot further back on Main Street may help you avoid some crowding and will also allow you to see the full effects of the show. All of that said, you can see the fireworks portion of the show from multiple vantage points within the Magic Kingdom. For a change of pace, it’s fun to catch the fireworks while riding on the TTA. 

Okay. Enough of the basics. Let’s take a closer look at the show.



You Are the Magic


Enchantment features a brand new song entitled “You Are the Magic” from seven time Grammy award winner Phillip Lawrence. As if the seven Grammy wins weren’t impressive enough, Lawrence has been nominated for a staggering 18 Grammy Awards. He’s worked with such pop superstars as Bruno Mars, Adele, and others. 

Lawrence’s involvement in Enchantment brings him full circle, as the multi-talented song writer, record producer, and entrepreneur actually began his career as a Disney Cast Member. Before he was rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the music world, he was performing in shows like “Festival of the Lion King” and “Tarzan Rocks!” It seems fitting that he would return to help celebrate such a momentous occasion in Disney history by lending both his writing and vocal talents to it.

However, Lawrence isn’t the only former Cast Member featured in the song. He is joined by Kayla Alvarez on vocals. A singer, actor, and dancer, Alvarez has worked around Florida in a variety of productions. She was also previously featured in Epcot’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Live.



A Celebration of Disney Films and Music


Before the magic of the parks, Disney was making dreams come true on the silver screen, so it’s fitting that Disney’s newest spectacular is a celebration of the Disney films and music that have made such an impact on the world. Over the course of Enchantment, Guests will hear songs from movies like Moana, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, Frozen 2, Pocahontas, and more. In addition the the music, favorite characters from dozens of Disney and Pixar classics will make their appearance on Cinderella Castle via projection mapping. Among those featured are Miguel from Coco, Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph, Ian and Barley from Onward, Rapunzel, Joe Gardner from Soul, and even the wildly intimidating Chernabog from Fantasia. 



More Than Fireworks


As always, a Walt Disney World night time spectacular is more than a simple fireworks show. As mentioned above, the show features projection mapping on the castle, in addition to lights and pyrotechnics. However, unlike previous shows, the magic doesn’t stop there. Enchantment features projection mapping on the buildings running up and down Main Street U.S.A. It’s an utterly captivating effect, and means that Guests are placed right into the middle of the show, making it unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.  



The Art and Flair of Mary Blair


Disney legend Mary Blair was one of Walt Disney’s favorite artists. She worked on films such as Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, So Dear to My Heart, and others. She traveled to South America with Walt and Lillian Disney on a government sponsored trip, which resulted in her becoming the animation supervisor for the films Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros. 

Fans of Disney parks know Blair best for her work on “it’s a small world,” where she created the attraction’s color scheme and a significant amount of its concept art. Imagineers like Rolly Crump studied Blair’s work to make sure that the entire attraction conformed to her style. Later, she created murals for the Tomorrowland Promenade in Disneyland and Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Florida (the latter of which can still be visited). She also lent her talents to the fiesta scene in Epcot’s El Rio Del Tiempo attraction (now the Gran Fiesta Tour featuring the Three Caballeros). 

One of the common elements in all of Blair’s work is her remarkable use of color. Blair was known for using vibrant colors in striking (and often counter intuitive) combinations. Walt Disney World pays tribute to her amazing legacy in Enchantment. Part way through the show, Joe Gardner from Pixar’s Soul appears on the castle. As he plays the piano, the Castle and Main Street are transformed into an utterly whimsical world of color and design inspired by Blair. It’s a perfect and breathtaking homage.



A Magic Flight


One of the most memorable parts of a fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom is the opportunity to watch Tinker Bell take flight from the top of the Castle and across the night sky. Don’t worry! You’ll still get to see Tink’s magical journey in Enchantment. It’s a ways into the performance, but she does set out on her night flight, still inspiring wonder and awe in all who see it.


There’s something inexplicably magical about watching fireworks in the Magic Kingdom. The shows always somehow turn into something much bigger than the sum of their parts, and Enchantment is no exception. As the music and lights swirl around you, the show will carry you from teary-eyed joy to breathless wonder. It’s no wonder they call it the Most Magical Place on Earth.  

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