Four Nutritious Facts About the Kitchen Kabaret

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Disney History, Disney Parks and Resorts, Lists and Trivia

It is a truth universally acknowledged that once you hear the song, “Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit” it will be stuck in your head for a minimum of 24 hours.

The song was part of Ecpot’s Kitchen Kabaret, a thirteen minute long Audio Animatronic show located in the Land Pavilion. The show taught the value of good nutrition and a well balanced diet. Guests watched as show host Bonnie Appétit and a variety of anthropomorphic foods sang about the four food groups. The show featured performances by the Kitchen Krackpots (the Kabaret’s house band), Dairy Goods and His Stars of the Milky Way, the Cereal Sisters, the vaudeville comedy stylings of Hamm & Eggz, and Colander Combo and the Fiesta of Fruit.

The attraction was one of Epcot’s opening day attractions in 1982 and remained a fan favorite until it closed 12 years later. At the Epcot 35 celebration on October 1, 2017, members of the Voices of Liberty paid tribute to the Kitchen Kabaret by incorporating elements of the Attraction’s music into a medley of Epcot tunes. While we can’t serenade you like the gifted gourmands of the Kitchen Kabaret, we’re giving you the next best thing. Here are four nutritious facts about the Attraction’s history.

1. Kraft Food, Inc.
The first sponsor of the Kitchen Kabaret and the Land Pavilion was Kraft Food, Inc. The original concept by Imagineer Tony Baxter envisioned the Land as a sweeping tour of various biomes. However, when Kraft signed on as sponsor, the pavilion was re-imagined to focus on food production. Kraft’s sponsorship lasted until late 1992 when Nestle took over.

2. The USDA
Along with the change in sponsorship, changes in the U.S. Department of Agriculture affected the Kitchen Kabaret. Starting in 1956, the USDA began using the “Four Basic Food Groups” for their nutritional guidelines. The groups were Vegetables/Fruits, Milk, Meat and Cereal/Breads. The Kitchen Kabaret built its educational message around the four food groups concept. However, in 1992 the USDA abandoned this model and replaced it with the food pyramid. The change in USDA guidelines necessitated a change in the show, which came two years later in the form of a new show: Food Rocks, featuring the voice talent of rapper Tone-Loc.

3. The Kitchen Krackpots
The Kitchen Kabaret consisted of 28 Audio Animatronic figures. Five of the animatronics, the Kitchen Krackpots, were redesigned when Nestle took over sponsorship. Mr. Mayonnaise became a bottle of tomato sauce, the barbecue sauce became salad dressing and the parmesan cheese became a pepper shaker.

4. Mr. Eggz
Mr. Eggz Epcot career continued after the closure of the Kitchen Kabaret. He appeared in the Astuter Computer Review and Backstage Magic in Communicore, the Science and Technology Pavilion in Epcot. The Audio Animatronic figure was used to demonstrate how Disney programming worked.