10 Things We Adore About Typhoon Lagoon

The summer heat has arrived, and that means Central Florida is just a few degrees cooler than the surface of the sun. Oh, and there’s also the humidity. 

Fear not! There are still plenty of ways to have a magical trip to Walt Disney World. Earlier this year, we shared 8 Ways to Beat the Heat. However, there was one thing conspicuously absent from our list: Disney Water Parks! 

While Blizzard Beach is currently closed for renovations, Typhoon Lagoon is open and ready to help you stay cool.

Let’s take a look at 10 of our favorite things about the park. 


Miss Tilly

High atop Mount Mayday, you’ll see the remains of an old shrimp boat. It’s a curious place for a boat, but fear not. There’s a story to explain it all.

It seems that the Miss Tilly used to work the waters of Blustery Bay back in the 20th century. That is, until the fateful day that a massive hurricane hit the bay in 1955. The gale force winds picked the Miss Tilly up out of the water and tossed her on top of the craggy peaks of Mount Mayday. 

Fortunately, the crew survived. They even continued living on the boat, which is why you’ll hear the horn blow every time volcanic activity takes place on the mountain (which is about every thirty minutes). 


Lagoona Gator

Every park needs a good mascot, and Typhoon Lagoon is no exception. Because it is located in Florida, it just makes sense that Disney would use gators as the mascots of their water parks. Blizzard Beach has Ice Gator (a rather cool fellow we must say), and Typhoon Lagoon has Lagoona Gator. 

Lagoona moved to Typhoon Lagoon not long after the storm. He makes his home beneath the clock tower (where you can even meet him) and is the lead singer of a band known as The Beach Gators. His fellow bandmates are Scart (who plays bongos), Wipeout (on guitar), and Knarly (bass). He’s also quite an accomplished surfer.


Castaway Creek

During the dog days of summer, there’s not much better than plopping yourself down in a lazy river and just drifting along with the current. Fortunately, Typhoon Lagoon has one of the best. It’s known as Castaway Creek and stretches 2,100 feet, wrapping all the way around the park. 

Take a trip down the creek and you’ll encounter waterfalls, and rainforests, and even get a gorgeous view of the mighty Mount Mayday.


M.S. Salty IV

The Miss Tilly is not the only notable ship that you’ll encounter when visiting Typhoon Lagoon. There’s also the M.S. Salty IV. This one is of special interest to fans of Disney’s fabled Society of Explorers and Adventurers.

Captain Mary Oceaneer of S.E.A. once owned the ship, and even named it after her pet parrot. The duo frequently traveled to Blustery Bay in search of treasure. Like the Missy Tilly, Mary and Salty were caught in the great storm and the M.S. Salty IV was marooned near Miss Adventure Falls.

The ship holds a few mysterious treasures. The ship’s diving bell has Atlantean writing on it reading “I come in peace.” You can also spot Ursula’s contract and Ariel’s snarfblatt among the ship’s treasures. 


Miss Adventure Falls

Speaking of Miss Adventure Falls, that’s the name of a family raft “expedition” owned by Mary Oceaneer herself! You and up to three other Guests board a raft and set off on a journey that will last roughly two minutes. That makes it the longest water ride in either Disney Water Park and one of the longest in Florida!

Keep an eye out on your journey, as you’ll spot treasures from around the globe that were scattered by the hurricane. 


Ketchakiddee Creek

Long summer days are hard on everyone, but they can be especially trying for Walt Disney World’s smallest Guests. Fortunately, Typhoon Lagoon has Ketchakiddee Creek, a spot designed exclusively for children under 4 feet tall.

There are lots of shallow pools to play in populated with the figures of crocodiles, seals, and elephants. Be careful though, they might just spray you! 

The little tots can also explore the S.S. Squirt, a leaky tugboat. Better take cover if they do, because the tugboat is home to a water cannon that is set to soak. 


Surfing Lessons

Maybe the lazy river is a bit too slow for you. Maybe you’re a bit like Johnny Utah in the classic film Point Break. Maybe you’ve got the kamikaze in you. If that’s the case, you’ll want to take advantage of the surf lessons available at Typhoon Lagoon.

This experience is an extra charge and you’ll need to book it in advance as space is limited. There are open and private surf options available. It consists of a three-hour session where you’ll get to ride 100 waves, broken up into increments of 25. Pricing and availability can be found on the official Disney Parks page. 


Humunga Kowabunga

If you’re looking for thrills, but don’t want to book the surfing package, you’ll definitely want to check out Humunga Kowabunga. This waterslide is NOT for the faint of heart. You plummet down Mount Mayday at a 60-degree angle while immersed in darkness, traveling 214 feet downhill. Oh, you’ll also be moving at 30 miles per hour!


The Music

The background music loops are always an underappreciated but vital part of visiting any Disney Park, and Typhoon Lagoon is no exception. As you soak up the sun and splash in the waves, you’ll have a soundtrack including legendary beach bums like Jimmy Buffet, The Beach Boys, The Ventures, Jan & Dean, and more. 


The Mountain Trail

This one falls into the category of “hidden gem.” A lot of Guests don’t even know it exists! This path takes you from the surf pool, over Castaway Creek, past Humunga Kowabunga, and ends at the Storm Slides. You get great views of the park’s incredible theming AND you’ll get to cross an awesome rope bridge. There are also a few places where waterfalls splash across your path, giving you a chance to cool down while you’re out of the water.  

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