Celebrate Mardi Gras at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort!

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Mardi Gras is a beautiful entertaining celebration rich in culture and stuffed to the gills with food, flowing beverages and all the people. If you’re anything like me, that last part can be a little scary. Well, the people mixed with the beverages are more what I’m referring to. But as a general rule, everything else about this festival, city-wide holiday as it were, fascinates me. From the eye-catching colors to the out of this world entertainment, to the OMG melt in your mouth beignets, it is a celebration for your eyes, ears and taste buds! I only wish there was a more tame way to enjoy Mardi Gras… 


Oh wait, there is! Disney World’s Port Orleans Resort, of course! Including the fun-filled, purple, green and gold confetti! The French Quarter (my all-time favorite resort in all of Walt Disney World!) is complete with an authentic scat club and those delicious beignets, as well as the serene, classy Riverside resort, and one of the most underrated New Orleans themed restaurants in all of Disney Property, and a stunning landscape you can’t wait to explore on foot, no matter how many steps you’ve taken in the parks! There are so many fun ways to explore the magic of Mardi Gras without ever leaving the comfort of ‘home’- come along as we take a gander down Bourbon Street and beyond for some wholesome, Mardi Gras shenanigans!




Remember that underrated restaurant I referred to? Yep, you guessed it, it’s Boatwrights! While I do think it’s one of those things, if you get it you really get it, as the kids say, it still is not as popular as a self-proclaimed foodie such as myself thinks it should be. From the simple, gorgeous theming,  paired with the flavorful, accommodating menu, nothing says New Orleans more to me than some good ole’ vegetarian Boatwright’s jambalaya! 


The Mardi Gras Parade in the French Quarter


Fun in its simplicity, the Mardi Gras parade in the French Quarter Resort is the perfect way to enjoy some not so rambunctious New Orleans celebratory good times! Complete with masked cast members, decorative signs and of course, beads, this Disneyfied version of the sacred New Orleans tradition is just enough to get you tapping your feet and feeling good without party overload. Don’t forget to meet the stunning princess Tiana in the lobby after you’ve enjoyed the festivities. 


Scat Cats Club


This is such a fun way to enjoy your stay at Disney’s French Quarter resort at any time of the year, but of course, I specifically recommend it during the Mardi Gras season. This club features a lounge wherein you can enjoy a full bar whilst taking in the sounds of authentic jazz music and delicious small plates. And we’d be remiss not to mention those delicious beignets that can be found at the cafe just outside the Scat Cats Club Lounge. Get them boozy with an injectable shot, or enjoy them in their purest form, baked to perfection and doused in powdered sugar. 


A Stroll Through One of the Most Beautiful Landscapes in all of Walt Disney World

Riverside in Port Orleans is stunning in its simplicity. Southern mansion style, with a simple green and white color scheme, this is a perfect ‘resort day’ location to take a break from the parks and the hustle and bustle of the crowds and simply relax by the pool or take a brisk walk around the campus. Walking around the resort first thing in the morning is somewhat of a tradition of mine, and while I do love all of those amazing details in each and every one, there is something so serene about pursuing this elegant landscape. While this resort, like all on Disney property, is kiddo friendly, you will mostly see couples or solo travelers here as it is much less Disney themed than some of the other resorts. Can’t you just hear the silence…?


Admittedly, the Port Orleans Resort, specifically the French Quarter resort has special meaning to me as it was the very first place my tootsies ever set foot on Walt Disney World property. I remember being amazed by the cast members greetings and calling me Princess. That Disney magic had me feeling all the feels and often when I get homesick, the first place my mind goes to is the French Quarter all those years ago and the times I’ve visited since. Port Orleans is a moderately priced resort and this time of year is a great time (like any time, of course!) to book a trip to Walt Disney World. Unlike most other resorts, you can even hop the ferry from Riverside or French Quarter to Disney Springs for some great dining and entertainment outside of the parks. Happy Mardi Gras to everyone out there celebrating and be sure to head on home for a chill, yet fun-filled version of everyone’s favorite New Orleans celebration!

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