Ten Things You May Not Know About Giselle

by | May 28, 2018 | Lists and Trivia

1. Perhaps the most common question asked about Giselle is why she is not considered to be an official Disney Princess. Well, there are two reasons, one practical and one technical. Disney had actually planned to add Giselle to the official Disney Princess line-up, and in fact a prototype of a Giselle Princess doll was revealed at 2007’s Toy Fair. However, plans fell through when it was determined that Amy Adams (the actress who played Giselle in Enchanted), would be entitled to royalties for every use of her likeness…and of course a non-Giselle looking Princess just wouldn’t do. Technically speaking though, Giselle was never an actual princess. Throughout the film she is pursued by Prince Edward who hopes to win her hand in marriage, and it would have been at that point that Giselle would have become the true Princess of Andalasia.

2. But don’t feel sorry for Giselle, she ended up marrying her true love Robert, and went on to open a very successful fashion boutique. (No small wonder in light of the considerable seamstress skills she displayed earlier in the film!)

3. So who is the true Princess? That would be Robert’s ex-fiancé Nancy, who ends up marrying Prince Edward at the film’s end. Although that postscript often goes unnoticed (i.e., “Why isn’t Nancy a Disney Princess?”), things have a way of working themselves out. Idina Menzel, who played Nancy in the film, would go on to play Elsa in Frozen. Even though Elsa and Anna aren’t part of the Disney Princess lineup either (being that they’re more than popular in their own right), they have both certainly carved their niche in the pantheon of Disney royalty. To top things off, Elsa is technically a queen, so it turns out she had the last laugh after all!

4. But back to Giselle. Though she may not be part of the official Disney Princess line-up, she shares many traits in common with many of her fellow Disney characters. Her look was inspired by Ariel, while her personality was influenced by Snow White. Like Alice, she falls through a hole into a new world, and she wields a sword against the film’s villain just like Mulan.

5. Also, when Giselle dreams of her handsome prince, she holds diamonds up to her eyes, just as Dopey does during the “Whistle While You Work” segment from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

6. Speaking of the Seven Dwarfs, when Giselle arrives in New York, she mistakes a little man for Grumpy!

7. Finally, Giselle’s carriage for her ill-fated wedding to Edward is virtually identical to that of Cinderella’s in the 1950 film of the same name, down to the style of wheel.

8. Although Giselle isn’t a meet and greet character in the parks, she has shown up in several parades. For instance, in 2007 she led the Hollywood Holly-Day Parade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and she was part of the 2007 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade in the Magic Kingdom, alongside the official Disney Princesses.

9. Incidentally, the reason for Giselle not appearing as a meet and greet character in the parks doesn’t have to do with, as many believe, her film contract. Those stipulations (the ones that necessitated her omission from the Official Princess line-up discussed earlier) were only in regards to merchandising, not park appearances. In fact, rumor has it that there is a Giselle wedding gown on hand for special occasions!

10. Giselle is actually the second Disney character to be so named. In the 1977 film Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Herbie falls in love with a female 1976 Lancia Scorpion named, you guessed it, Giselle.